Elegance and Style

The new SmartWatch for your health, fitness and time. 

The GX SmartWatch is the latest and first elegant looking watch capable of measuring your fitness levels whilst monitoring your vital health signs at the same time. This beautifully designed watch is the latest timepiece boasting more features for less the price without sacrificing quality. 

This beautiful watch is made with everyone in mind with features for the fitness minded persons, health conscious persons, business persons or anyone who appreciates finely crafted timepieces. 

For your fitness minded people this watch has all the features to help you reach your fitness levels including:

  • Distance and step counters;
  • Heart rate monitor; and
  • Stopwatch.

What sets the GX SmartWatch apart from other watches is the price with the features to help people maintain and monitor their health levels including:

  • ECG Capabilities;
  • Blood-Oxygen measurement;
  • Calorie counter; and
  • Sleep monitor. 

Or for the Business people with busy schedules this watch features:

  • Calendar;
  • Bluetooth calls and text message notifications;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Calculator; and
  • Alarm. 

This SmartWatch also features:

  • Anti-lost features;
  • Remote camera and music control;
  • iOS and Android capability; and
  • Long lasting battery and high durability. 

This beautifully designed and sheer timepiece is made with quality giving this modern watch a luxurious feel and appearance. The GX Smartwatch supports output in a wide range of languages, so you can use it anywhere in the world. In addition, the wristwatch is also very nicely designed and offers easy and intuitive operation through the touch screen. Therefore it can be worn very well in any job. Thanks to its versatility, the GX Smartwatch becomes an essential accessory that you won’t want to leave home without.